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The Thermobarbaric bomb

The Thermobarbaric bomb
Sucks air from caves,
Collpases lungs,
Ruptures the liver and spleen,
Bursts eardrums.

The Thermobarbaric bomb
Is deployed with great glee
By the men of the West
From the land of the Free
In support of their
Great Democracy.

The Thermobarbaric bomb
Joins the Daisycutter
That destroys a small village
And it joins
Special forces firing into a compound
In a massacre they won’t allow Amnesty to check up on
And it joins
Rockets fired into dungeons
(After the burning oil)

In a great
That just doesn’t fit
With the warm, kindly and caring image
And Britain
Have of themselves.

The ThermoBARBARIC bomb, in fact,
Is a more accurate indication
Of our civilisation.

Dec. 20001

Now if the Russkies had ever used this bomb we’d have been outraged, wouldn’t we?


Also …


‘At 2:00 PM a mixed Special Ops team, formed with nine U.S. Special Forces and six British Special Boat Service operators, arrived and joined the Afghans firing at the prisoners from the northern part of the fort. By mid morning they were joined by US forces divided into three teams.


That night two AC-130 Spectre gunships circled over the fortress (callsigns GRIM 11 and GRIM 14), firing thousands of rounds at the uprising prisoners. In the attempts to finish the battle, Northern Alliance fighters shot rifles into, threw grenades into, and finally poured oil into the basement and lit it afire. This still failed to either kill all Taliban survivors or force them to surrender.


On the 28th General Dostum arrived on the scene of the battle, and tried to persuade the last prisoners still holding out in the basement to surrender. His entreaties had no effect. The basement was subsequently flooded with frigid irrigation water on November 29. The final Taliban fighters surrendered on 1 December.


Due to the high number of prisoner casualties, and the heavy weaponry used to subdue them, the Northern Alliance and the coalition were accused of breaking the Geneva Conventions, by using disproportionate means.[17]


One of the prisoners, Abdulaziz al-Oshan, later summarised the incident telling American authorities at Guantanamo Bay, “They called it an uprising and it’s not; it’s some kind of massacre”.[11] Amnesty International called for an independent inquiry,[18] but this was rejected by the U.S. and British governments, who argued that the fanatical resistance of the uprising fully justified the use of airpower and heavy weapons against them.’

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