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The roared thundering salt-white sea-flung wall
Foams, wells, forms fermenting froth fiercely sprung
From forced fractured underswell’s spun
Force slammed, slung, spreads in a burst bubbled shawl

Of soft relief sighing in a sunlit run,
Shoals full won in a struggled sprawl strung
As softened threads on the seashore’s smooth tongue
In a whispered haul of faint-breathed sussuration

Washing on the firm-faced whishing sand …
A gull calls, wheels, spells and spills, dwells, shrills, mills
In a high melee, chases, races, flares in to land
As a breeze blows, crows, tucks the hands of flags

Flapping in restless flailing strops
Atop blind poles lopped – time itself stops
In a gathered instant as meaning drags
A long stretch writ across the day’s full cry:

I sigh; and place myself in God’s hand
In deep release, nothing can harm this land.

Feb 2000

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By jenny Tue Nov 15th 2011 at 11:33 am  

Great poems.
These really helped me with my homework!
These are all great,ever think of putting
more poems on this site?????

from: Jenny W…..
I live in Australia!

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