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Teenage daughter

The terrible witch
Is a bit of a bitch,
Rude to the crows and the people she knows,
Snarling and scowling and full of bad cheer,
Ready to spit at those that get near,
Stamping her feet and waggling her bum,
Refusing to talk, offensively dumb,
She shouts at the wind,
She muddies her clothes,
Screams at stray cats,
Won’t wipe her nose,
Flies on her broom to the top of the sky,
Dives down at high speed,
Makes her Mum cry,
Walks with a swagger,
Tosses her hair,
Grabs from her brother,
Refuses to share,
Gets in a gang and gossips and sneers,
Reduces her enemies to impotent tears,
Nasty and mean and spitefully rude,
Far too perceptive, disgustingly crude,
She magic’s her magic in a world that seems grey
And surprisingly, awfully, gets her own way.

Daughters are not necessarily always well-behaved. 🙂

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By Innocent Timburwa Mon May 14th 2012 at 1:21 pm  

What a good inspiring poem, i like this. I realy wish if can to the level of expression as to whom i will be telling.

By jice aka joyce Thu May 3rd 2012 at 1:08 am  

I felt that you are very intuitive regarding little girls on there down days lol was very pleasant and funny to read and being a female I too can relate to this poem

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