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Short Monster Poems

The Snarkel

The Snarkel has a hairy face
With warts the size of feet,
It spends its life in dirty yards
Chomping on raw meat.

Holy moley!

The Ederbog

The Ederbog is wafty,
Drifting with the clouds,
It likes to live off vapours
And gather in large crowds.

So sociable …

The Glayoon

In the face of the spoon
You will see the Glayoon,
Smiling back with great glee,
It samples your food
When it’s in the mood
‘Cos it loves to eat food that is free!


Alien race

When you use a bar of soap
Watch out for a little face –
Trapped inside is a member
Of a scary alien race!

Hidden in the soap. Double-check next time you use it! If you use it.


Behind the back of the Bittenberg
The other monsters laugh,
The Bittenbery has a scummy neck
From never having a bath.

Get washing!

The Winkletoe

Slither with the Winkletoe,
Sliding through dark holes,
The Winkletoe has many friends
But few of them are moles!

Poor fat moles!

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