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Every morning, every day

Every morning, every day,
We all meet in the hallway –
Shoes on, hair brushed, coat on tight,
Gloves on, face washed, look all right,

Nearly ready, time to go,
Daddy says we’re FAR too slow!
Gets his keys out, in the door,
Loses something on the floor,
Dashes upstairs for his purse
(Tells us things can’t get much worse!)
Down again and in a grump
(Sister now has got the hump),
Daddy seems to run around
(Sister flops onto the ground),
Brother moans, ‘Homework not done!’
Daddy mutters, ‘Bloody fun!’

Squeezed out, squashed out, in the rain –
Tomorrow we do this again!


The frantic dash to school with two unwilling children

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