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I had a hope, I touched a dream

I had a hope, I touched a dream,
There was no easy way –
I walked into the dead of night
For there I could not stay.

I walked, and when the moon shone bright
I found a path to climb –
I walked beneath the strangest light
In that most troubled time.

I walked, and chased away my fears,
I walked, I looked ahead –
Through a vale of endless tears
I walked where I was led.

And as I climbed and as I saw
The landscape all around,
I felt the tremblings of a war
And heard a distant sound.

And war it was, within my heart,
And what I heard was prayer –
A Greater Power was with me,
A Greater Power was there.

A Greater Power held my hand,
And gave me strength to fight –
I walked beneath the smile of God,
I walked towards the light.


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By dq Fri Sep 4th 2009 at 9:05 pm  

A Blessing Thanks

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