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To Skate

Your legs become at one with the ice,
Warmth that flows into the cold –

The ice, the friendly ice, has many faces:
Smooth like sheened gossamer it takes the blade like water,
Like the kiss of a lover’s lip or a child’s soft touch,
A caress that runs deep,
That gives power and grace and precision
And above all, speed –
On such ice skaters sing in their movements and their smiles are pure joy,
Their moments are a nothingness
And they become pure in their existence;
Wherever they are, they’re alive,
They are themselves
And their lives are like water,
Fluid in the living.

On other ice the blade sinks too deep and everything is effort:
The smiles remain but this is a time for learning, not dancing.

To learn!
Ah, to learn …
Pushing to the limits, each skater finds themselves tested:
Beyond the test comes transcendence,
And the code for living life.

Feelings and the mind are everything,
Where the mind goes the body follows –
They carry their treasure without knowing.

To skate, then, with these angels of the moment
Is to be in heaven!


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By patsy peebles Sat Nov 23rd 2013 at 11:56 pm  

dear sir, thank you for posting your skating poem….I can feel the emotions an
ice skater could have in this form of art…..keep writing…..patsy

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