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The ghost in the puddle

The ghost in the puddle looked out with dark eyes,
Mouth shimmering, stretching, making small cries,
Faint, faint like a sigh on a breeze
I heard its despair, its tormented pleas:
‘I’m trapped in this mirror, and only you see –
Dive in and help, won’t you please rescue me?’

Faint, faint, dark in its eyes,
I felt my feet fading,
Heard its thin cries,
Struggled to pull myself free from its grip,
Felt my mind shaking, felt my mind slip,
Faint, faint were the words in my head:
‘Do something now or your soul will be dead!’

Faint, faint, my mind in a whirl,
I heard in my head, ‘Get the water to swirl!’
But nothing would move, my limbs were like lead,
And I battled the ghost with my weak mind instead.

Faint, faint, the two of us fought,
My life in its grip, my feet in its court,
The splash of a puddle the ghost’s dark domain,
A kingdom that neither wanted to gain.

Faint, faint, but the sun was now high!
My feet were transparent, the ground nearly dry!
Trapped! – as the water shrank in to a dot,
I faded to nothing, right there on the spot!


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By Summer Fri Oct 27th 2017 at 5:43 am  

Love it my teacher gave it to us…. It was just so ??????

By sawyer Fri Jan 18th 2013 at 5:08 pm  

thats creepy

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