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I fished in the lake with buttercups
Tied on a long piece of string,
I caught a shopping trolley –
And an awful, dreadfully THING!

The THING had two eyes missing
(That left at least TEN more),
And when I counted noses
I counted at least FOUR!

I watched it wriggle, heard it sneeze,
But then it started to SING –
The most awful part of that creature
Was the voice of the dreadful THING!

It screeched its way to the heavens,
Happily climbing my string,
Then gave me a bow with eight of its arms –
With six of its arms MISSING!

It crawled along my fishing rod,
Stopped and gave me a wave –
Then swiftly span on one of its feet
And I was no longer brave.

A giant claw came out of its mouth,
I dropped the rod and RAN –
The THING danced slowly after me,
And as it danced it SANG.

It sang with the voice of a chain saw,
It danced with a mean-eyed grace,
When I looked behind it was pulling
The most impossible face!

I ran around the lake that night,
And the THING danced after me,
That claw kept clunking in the air
As it SANG unendingly!


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