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Through the dust of emptiness

Through the dust of emptiness
That is the space between your dreams and mine
Stand carousels
That in their empty imagery go round and round
A thousand times,
Unlocking secrets of the universe.

You gasp! And wait, agog,
To clamber on those soulless machines –
But I, who care,
Am desperate with your love and see
You gone, long gone,
As you dream of worlds I cannot share,

And I weep, torn apart
By all I’ve lost, and cuddle closer now,
I shiver, deep ,
And whisper to my lonely travelling soul
‘Come back, with me, for here all those moments are forgiven,’

Here can we rest, love knows,
And watch with wide-eyed imagination
My lover’s leap
Into the unknown, no mortal hand can keep
You back, nor should,
Your destiny begins with love, my blood,

For here have I lost you,
Here, where most I keep you in my warm arms
In safe embrace
Am I bereft, your dominion begun
Of that world chased
You must surely win, and having won deliver

To your child like I to mine
Have done: it’s done: in your birth of freedom
Travel on, be one, yourself,
And leave me with your memories lingering on:
These arms enclose but hold not, for you’ve gone.



At the fairground my toddler started to see that there was life beyond home and Dad, and at that moment I realised what it was going to be like when she’d grown up.

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