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As soft as a breeze
And covered in dew,
A trap for the tiny
Is waiting for you,

Wielding a poison
And a web full of glue,
An assassin is waiting –
Waiting for you:

There’s a slight little tremor,
You shivered in fear –
The spider has felt you,
And now it draws near,

Stay still in its web!
Don’t move a wing!
It can feel if you’re trembling,
It can feel everything!

Its legs are around you,
Eight eyes in your face –
Its fangs slide in swiftly,
The end of life’s race!

You’re packaged and twisted,
Covered in string,
You hang there immobile,
And sense everything,

You’re a meal on the wind,
You’re ‘ready to go’,
You’re fast food still living,
And fast food now slow …

Being an insect trapped in a spider’s web

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By Anonymous Thu Oct 2nd 2014 at 3:24 am  

So sad…I’ll use this poem with my class.Brilliant!

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