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Slip into sunshine,
Between the shrieks and calls of this strange creature
Bellowing for the wild wind in the moors and the boulders of its desolation turned to grim night,
And the sharp-tongued explosion of its vicious anger
Switched to unstable –

Take a breath,
Remain calm,
Stand at a distance –
Observe …

You do not need this.


A turmoil of bluster,
Rocketing nonsense, self-justification,
Eternal victim,
‘It’s your fault!’
‘I hate you!’
‘It’s not fair!’


No river could tear so ferociously at the gorge walls containing it,
The lakes are up ahead, darling,
And the seas,
But you’re not there,
The river has to be a little wider and stronger before it’s set free.


Teenage daughter pushing boundaries. 🙂

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By Anonymous Wed Apr 16th 2014 at 5:33 pm  

Lovely poem about a teenager’s transition into the world. Love it <3

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