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The Spaceship came out of the Sun

The spaceship came out of the sun,
Diving head-first in a ball of flame to a STOP.

It hovered, glowing brightly, then coughed:
A little cloud of smoke threw out three units, buzzing uncertainly –
And they were OFF.

Busy as little bees they covered the surface of the planet in love,
Preventing wars, getting rid of dictators, giving hopeless Presidents Hope
And starting a gentle rain of flowers and peace.

For a long while the planet was happy:
Trees were no longer chopped down, global warming was halted,
And oil companies went bankrupt.

Still, all good things must come to an end,
And one day all the bad stuff started again.

What went wrong?
Some say it was personal greed, hollowing out societies as gated communities flourished:
Others say it was selfishness, so that everyone was on their own:
But if you had eyes to see you’d have seen 6 billion threads connected to the stars –



Spaceships can’t mend wanton stupidity.

Shock-jocks can’t shock us alive when we’re spiritually dead.

Grinding poverty won’t raise our eyes.

The spaceship never came back;
The love went to seed:
The flowers died.

Still, there’s always hope –
Dreams can flourish, eyes sparkle,
And life return to Earth.

6 billion little prayers can change a planet forever.


What do you think of the power of prayer?

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