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Oh Queenie – an odious reflection on the funeral of the Queen Mother

Oh Queenie, how the horses mope,
Tugging at the royal rope,
Solemn as they trudge along,
Listening to your funeral song.

Oh Queenie, how we miss your smile,
As those horses walk their mile,
Whilst the troops look grimly sad
In their regal attire clad.

Ah, Queenie, don’t know if you know,
I never watched all of the show,
But turned it off in grim dismay –
T.V. was rearranged that day.

Queenie, I believe you were
Married to a Royal ‘Sir’
And walked around within the Blitz,
Loving Englanders to bitz.

I understand you had some wealth
Which probably kept you in good health,
And that you died within your sleep –
Enough to make a grown man weep!

Oh! Queenie person, I’m not sad,
I hope that wouldn’t make you mad –
An easy life, and that’s for sure,
Broken by a sedate war.

Oh Queenie love, no disrespect,
The T.V schedules are a wreck,
And crocodile tears are widely flowing,
Maudlin, false, as queues keep growing.

The British now are at their best,
As your body’s laid to rest,
Queuing up to see for free
What Britain loves – ceremony.

Oh Queenie, Queenie, why we mourn
Is for a past that has long gorn,
A simpler time without the need
For increasingly high speed.

Queenie dear, oh Queen my love,
You’re in that palace up above,
But here on earth we muddle by,
Aware that we too will one day die.

And so we grieve for what has passed,
And realise that WE won’t last,
And though we knew you distantly
Your death’s really no catastrophe.

Farewell then, and farewell dreams
Of life in gentle slo-mo scenes –
And welcome back reality,
In all its painful nitty-gritty.


Humorous poem about the OTT funeral of the Queen Mother. The British love ceremony and false, gushing emotions for royalty. Eugh.

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By Kellie Tue Apr 20th 2010 at 4:57 pm  

-I think diss poem waz HILARIOUS>!! Ii know a lot of you might think it’s corny, but iff you kno anything about thee Queen then it’s funny. You gotta have the brains 2 get some of these and if you don’t, that’s YOUR loss… –


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