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Peacenik gun

The Peacenik gun
Blasts from far away,
Designed to ‘ricochet’,
The Peacenik gun is error-proof:

Which is to say
All doubts can be removed –
‘It was an accident!’

The Peacnik gun
Fires lies and disingenuity,
Muddies, slimes and blurs –
Best handled by trained snipers without compassion.

The Peacenik gun by its’ very nature spouts hate,
But no-one’s figured out the recoil –
Which is tremendous.

The Peacenik gun in the wrong hands
(Say a mass-murderer and his minions)
Recoils very, very slowly.

This is a Good Thing for Peaceniks,
Peace activists and people with morality,
But a bad thing
For Those Who Only Understand Force.

Praise the Peacenik gun!

One end fires Hate!

The other end delivers Love!


The Peacenik gun is a gun designed to kill Peaceniks – it’s a metaphor for violent mass-murderers killing those who oppose them and using lies and slime to cover their tracks.


However, the recoil from their amorality is a slow and deep-seated distaste for their world-views and activities.

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