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In orderly file the rich, white people drove out of desolation.

The sun was dark with fire,
The clouds were smoke,
The ground black with the tyre-marks of SUVs.

In the Welcoming Palaces they were greeted with yoga,
Smiling butlers fed their jaded palates,
Music from a 32-violin orchestra played,
Flown-in children hand-wafted fans of air across their troubled faces.

In the poor black hell-hole screaming people fled in panic and fear –
Herded with guns into the Stadium of Darkness
They were fed by helicopter-drops of flour
And watered with hoses to quench their thirst.

“See how superior Whites are!” the voices crowed on T.V.,
(Though subtly).

See how money talks.

Oct. 2007

Hurricane Katrina revealed racism but also the power of money

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