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Against the wall

Here’s a ‘colleague’,
Low paid, low-grade,
As the shark-like supervisor hovers over him:

Aspirations limited,
Horizons restricted,
He ekes out a living in the Super-Mall
Through which a procession of drudges trudge with screaming kids in grim relentlessness,
The poor feeding the poor,
Whilst poor ‘Roger’ stands at the door
Greeting us –

Some Kafkaesque nightmare
Conjured up to crush the spirit,
The slow cycle of poverty-in, poverty-out,
Measured and weighed by poverty,
Ticked off by poverty,
Whilst billionaires feed off their work and despair.


In a UK superstore drones are now called ‘colleagues’ to make them imagine that they’re valued. The owners of this particular store are notorious for paying rock-bottom wages subsidised by the public purse.

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