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This woman walks down the road

This woman walks down the road

(With a blank face of despair)

Towards me

(That can only be painted on by failure)

Following a dog

(And erased at night time)

That was her only friend

(When, maybe, she dreams -)

That shits at my gate,

(And the face, the shell)

From a house

(Cracks open to release)

That’s cold

(A spirit)

And always shut up

(And a human)

And this woman

(In all its warmth)

Never says a word

(Ready to make friends)

But looks down

(And travel this world)

Averting her gaze from me

(And this woman)

In case I notice

(Dare not look)

And try to be friends.

(In case I make friends).



The public and private face of a woman.


Have two people taking it in turns to read it, one reading the plain text, one reading the text in brackets.

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