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As soft as a breeze
And covered in dew,
A trap for wholesale nfl jerseys the tiny
Is waiting for you,

Wielding a poison
And a web full of glue,
An assassin is waiting –
Waiting for you:

There’s a slight little tremor,
You shivered in fear –
The spider ray ban outlet has felt you,
And now it draws near,

Stay still in nfl jerseys cheap its web!
Don’t move a wing!
It can feel if you’re trembling,<br precisa />
It can feel everything!

Its legs are around you,
Eight eyes in your face cheap nfl jerseys
Its fangs slide in swiftly,
The Wholesale Jerseys end of life’s race!

You’re packaged and twisted,
Covered in string,
You Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys hang there immobile,
And sense everything,

You’re a meal on the wind,
You’re ‘ready to go’,
You’re fast food Cheap Jerseys still living,
And fast food now slow …

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Being an insect trapped in a spider’s web

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By Anonymous Thu Oct 2nd 2014 at 3:24 am  

So sad…I’ll use this poem with my class.Brilliant!

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