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I could walk on clouds

I could walk on clouds and catch moonbeams in my hands,
Kiss the morning dew and chase rays of sun in the morning light.

What could you do?

I could dream upon a mountain,
Bathe in its ice-cold streams,
Whistle to the birds and whisper on the wind.

Could you?

We could marvel in the night,
Chase spiders away,
Get close to the sand and count its many grains.

Could you? Could we?

We should journey, then,
Open the doors to our imagination,
Fly off the face of the earth and touch the heavens.

Come with me, for we have much to learn and many things to see –
Open the doors, let the light stream in,
Join in the race to the stars!

Come! We must go!


Do you let your imagination roam free? Do you question and look and wonder?

Here’s a lovely inspirational poem about spring by Alan Harris called ‘Our First Warm Day’

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By Toshana Wed Oct 14th 2009 at 10:09 am  

its great i loved it so much i made a copy for my 12 yr old daughter thanks

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