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The War on Stupidity

That year, five giant transporters took off from the Capital,
Each loaded with a hospital,
Air-dropped into Enemy Territory;
Vast airships brought in new roads,
Unrolled across the sterile landscape,
Whilst fighter planes fired road-signs with pin-point accuracy beside them.

Next, an enormous army of Lions,
Each carrying a Job,
Marched into all the villages
Whilst a battalion of Swans flew overhead carrying Hope.

In America, declared Unfit for Purpose,
The President was deprogrammed and sent to run a store,
Whilst ultra-violet light revealed the VP hiding in the shadows:
Sunlight was shone in his eyes and he melted.

Stupidity was banned,
Religion banished to do good works,
The media sacked, and Town Criers installed to shout out Truth in their place.

Selfishness, greed and spiritual hollowness were medicalised,
And the antidote distributed in mass vaccinations.

Righteous Nationalism was dropped down a well,
And every small town was forced to burn its Flag.

Tiny electric heaters were implanted in the population’s hearts
And warmth and compassion began to flow;
Neurosurgeons, operating on an industrial scale, connected vital synapses
And Questions began to be asked.

A fleet of watchmakers working round the clock
Delicately built moral compasses to be swallowed:
Vision, restored, revealed the size of the nation’s task.

A grateful world began to sing America’s praises again:
The end of the nightmare years was declared a national holiday,
And in future all politicians had to disprove their insanity.

It remained for the next President to sum it all up:
‘We fought, and won, the War on Stupidity.’

October 2007

The ‘Lions’ are soldiers, referencing ‘Lions led by Donkeys’ from the First World War.


Wars can only be won militarily, so by using the term ‘War on terror’ George Bush automatically swept everyone into a military mind-set and from that a military conflict.


Good riddance to the miserable failure.

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By caitlyn Mon Aug 18th 2014 at 8:06 pm  

thank you

By admin Wed May 18th 2011 at 8:22 am  

Bush did a good job?
Oh my!
Iraq had zero to do with Bin Laden, Afghanistan is going nowhere, Pakistan is imploding for a multitude of reasons not least of which are all those terrorists in Afghanistan and the (probably correct) perception that it’s largely a client state of the US …
Let me see – Guantanamo Bay sure helped lower US moral capital and probably enraged a lot of future terrorists, Saudi Arabia (a dictatorship supported by the US because it has oil) was the source of the 9/11 pilots and supported the religious schools in Pakistan that created the Taliban, the Taliban also came from the mujahideen who were funded by the US to fight the Russians …
Not all Bush’s fault, but did he do a good job?
Just another drone President without life-skills, unaware that what goes around comes around …

By Candy Tue Mar 22nd 2011 at 12:58 pm  

Oh my, if Bush and his guys are considered clowns than what can we call Obama?! Lol! Bush sure did a good job. We went to war so the terriosts wouldn’t be in OUR backyard! It’s easy to criticize, I wonder what WE or YOU would do if we had been in his shoes??? This poem is not good(if I could even call it that)in the least bit!

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