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Hospital Nightmare

Once you talked of dying, and my heart gave a heavy thump
As the blood drained momentarily from my face.

Death, yes, ask I can bear,
But not the thought of <a href="https://www.CheapestJerseyStore.com/" cheap oakleys sunglasses target=”_blank”>hockey jerseys your eyes lonely in the white hell of hospital
As they bludgeon you with superficiality<br tremor />
And strip you replica oakleys of your essence,
Which is warmth, complaining, loving, needing and being needed.

I look down at your sleeping face, feel the heat of your body,<br cheap jerseys wholesale />
See your eyelids flicker, hear your deep breathing,
And know this is the way I want you to go.

Looking href=”http://cheapjerseysupply.com/” target=”_blank”>cheap jerseys at my cheap nfl jerseys girlfriend sleeping years ago and not cheap jerseys wanting her to ever die in hospital. I’ve worked in a hospital and patients Cheap Football Jerseys are stripped down to a dehumanised number.

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