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Mrs. Conservative

She lived in a neat world,
Hair just right, jewellery just so,
Clothes freshly washed, shoes unscuffed,
Underwear clean.

Each morning she had a shower –
Each evening a bath.

Her house had smart furniture,
The carpet was immaculate,
The garden tidy –
It was a spotless, self-disciplined little world.

Her friends were respectable and she thought clean, neat thoughts
She’d inherited from her parents,
Like the pot-plants.
There was no room for doubt,
Just crystal-clear certainty delivered in a crisp, thin-lipped voice
As she looked down her nose.

No room for immigrants,
God was a Christian,
Change was unwelcome
And women had a clear role.
It was O.K to fiddle the taxes,
The law was always right,
Children were lovely (when your own),
Life was as it should be and she held a respectable position within that life.

One day, however, someone pushed her against a ‘wall’
And a well of rage beat up within her clear, neat boundaries:
Try as she might, pushing it all back in,
She’d unleashed a demon that her friends noticed straight away.

Between them they forced it down again,
Channelling their hate into whatever was close to hand –
This race, that country, those neighbours –
And helped her paint her thin, respectable smile back on once again.

It was their little secret,
A ripple in a pool that didn’t want to be disturbed.

Are these types still around?

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By john Tue Apr 3rd 2012 at 7:38 pm  

I believe you are mistaken, conservatives are not racist. We believe in secure boarders and people coming into this great nation LEGALLY not illegally, and we say illegal immigrates because it is just that illegal. I do however love the poems, i cant find many poems on politics.

Over all keep doing what you are doing you have a true gift.

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