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London Calling


The terrorists destroyed mosques and schools,
Killed maybe a thousand people,
Flattened half the houses.
No comparison to London,
Where our safe lives direct and order bombs
To fall a million miles away,
With the help of Darth Vader’s stormtroopers.

Still …


3 trains, 1 bus,
50 people killed.

The terrorists planted bombs
That roared out grief and pain,
Filling pages in the newspapers with
NEWS! that ate into our brains,
Making us proud to all be Londoners!

No comparison to Falluja,
Where a little local difficulty
Was sidelined into oblivion,
‘Something happened, who knows,
Maybe some people were killed …’

I wonder if ‘Fuxed Views’ will roar out its usual glory,
‘This is the fight we had to finish,
We were right all along,
Hail the Great Commander!’
I wonder if the synapses in Darth Vader’s pretzel brain
Will make the connection?

July 2005

Britain connived in the destruction of Fallujah. Terrorists planted bombs in London. I wonder if there’s a connection?

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