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I’m not racist BUT …

I’m not racist BUT –
These people are inferior to me,
Their kids pick on my kids at school,
They smell different,
They can’t look after themselves,
Their houses aren’t clean.

I’m not racist BUT –
They shouldn’t be in my country,
They should learn my language,
They have BIG houses given to them by the state,
AND they’ve taken my job!

I’m not racist BUT –
They shouldn’t be here
These people have lowered the tone of the neighbourhood,
These people go around in gangs,
These people pray to a different God,
These people annoy me!

This is England!

I’m not racist, BUT –
They don’t know how to behave,
They talk too LOUDLY,
They let their children play out in the street all the time,

I’m not racist BUT –
We’re full up!
Yes we are!
There’s no more room!

Our country’s full up,
Our hearts are full up,
Our minds are full up and made up –

There’s no more space,
Nothing here,
No room anywhere,
Nothing to give at all.


Where I live the racist whites always began their justifications with the phrase, ‘I’m not racist BUT…’

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By Nat Wed Oct 7th 2009 at 9:58 am  

I hear that saying alot where i live. And it annoys me to hear it. Yes its true the things you say in your poem but no matter what anyone says it will not change. I myself am not racist. I live with who ever is living where im living. Everyone has the right to be who they want and be where they want.

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