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Round Robin

To all our dear friends –
It’s that time of year again!

Phoebe is now fifteen and studying for 12 GCSEs – we’re so proud!
Esmerelda is 7 and between lifesaving, ballet, brownies and backgammon
Has found time to write her first novel!

Little Joshua won first prize in his class at Higher Maths,
We don’t know how he did it –
Perhaps the private tutor helped after all!

A child dies, and another is born ….

We’re still struggling by on Keith’s salary
(Though he’s just got promoted again) –
Nannies are SO expensive nowadays!
Last year we managed to take 3 holidays,
This year we’re down to two.

A gun goes off, an alarm rings,
A bell denotes the end of someone’s day………

Good news! Sonia’s exhibition went off without a hitch,
Though nothing’s been sold yet:
How wonderful to be so talented !

Mark and Angelina were married last week (a thousand people),
SOO many friends!

Somewhere a plane bombs a lonely plain,
And a plume of smoke rises into the sky.

Next year we’re holding a family reunion –
You’re all most welcome.
Our new home has room in the garden for at least two marquees,
So there’ll be no trouble fitting everyone in.

Some cloud was crop spraying,
Though the chemicals could have had other uses.

Have you heard about Rebecca’s new job?
She’s now a Chief Analysis engineer
And will be spending at least 6 months every year abroad!
Some people are so lucky!

A scream in a village as a machete rises and falls.

Dominic has sold his advertising agency,
And is now looking for a new business to buy.

Lined up before the pit they themselves have dug the men begin to pray.

Chloe has married again – this time to a restaurateur!
Free meals, everyone !

A child steps on a mine, her screams shattering the dawn.

So sorry we haven’t had time to write recently –
We’ll scribble a note in the margins just to show we care!


The dreaded round robin describing in excruciating detail the pointless lives of social wannabees. They can barely remember your name and can’t be bothered to write to you personally. You’ll recognise the cringe-inducing, thinly-veiled boasting and the self-deprecatory exclamation marks!!


Meanwhile real life goes on.

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