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It’s in the building that the job comes alive

It’s in throwback nba jerseys the cheap oakleys sunglasses building that the job comes alive –
The hammering of nails, the grasping of wood rough-handed,
The wind and chill atop a wholesale jerseys china roof,
Snow blowing free across the fields ONU in a striding mass that whirls and encompasses,
Striking through the skin to exhilarate Cheap china Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys the heart,
Each man to himself,
Wrapped in elemental Nature
Together against the world.

It’s in the building that the job comes alive АУАл
How on a sunny day cement tangs the air,
Water puddles the ground,
A bee blows past –
And in that moment<br Wholesale China Jerseys />
The contrast with the earth and heavy labour is so sweet, so sour,
That life is held at the point Cheap cheap jerseys nfl jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys of a Cheap Football Jerseys pendulum unresolved,
About to fall.


Feeling alive doing building work.


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