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I watched the miracle

I watched the whole miracle:

The child on his mother’s arm, walking home,
The teacher leaping in a frenzy, shouting and calling,
Running across the crowded playground,
Middle-aged speed –

I watched the whole miracle,
Saw her chase and catch the boy,
Hold the Mum, return the toy,
And as I walked closer heard fragments of their breath –

I watched the whole miracle.

Moments later the car smashed where they should have been.

I watched the whole miracle –
She took a day’s rest.

I watched this miracle from start to finish – in the classroom, waiting to pick up my child, I saw the teacher leap up and run like mad out into the playground where she caught up with the mother and child.


I walked past her, and twenty seconds later a car driven by a local yob on drugs smashed into the place where these two would normally have been. No one else ever walked there.


The teacher was very intuitive and as far as I was concerned she’d had a direct word from Someone up above.

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